Guide to wine terms

In the wine industry, there is a semantics problem when it comes to organic wine. 

To help you understanding of what all the terms mean we’ve put together a short guide.

Biodynamic Wine

Wine made with grapes grown under a set of holistic biodynamic principles and practices that regard the whole vineyard as one big living organism. Chemical pesticides are strictly banned.

Organic Wine

Wine made from grapes grown without the use of synthetic or artificial chemicals and in accordance with the principles of organic farming. Also, yes, you will get a hangover from organic wine, too much alcohol leads to alcohol poisoning.  

Natural Wine

Broadly, the wine fermented without commercial yeast and chemical additives, which natural wine advocates say can dull a grape’s true character. Most of the time, but not always, made with grapes from sustainable, organic or biodynamic vineyards.

Sustainable Wine

Wine made by a range of vineyard and winery practices that are ecologically responsible and economically viable. Sustainable wine doesn’t prohibit the use of man-made chemicals but urges their use in moderation.

Vegan Wine

For a wine to be labelled vegan, it must not come into contact with any animal products during production, such as gelatin or egg white sometimes used in the fining process. Many wines are vegan but will not advertise the fact.